As a Pet Parent you want to make sure...

As a Pet Parent you want to make sure your furbaby is getting the best quality possible but with so many brands and variations available, it can be a difficult task. When it comes to choosing the right dog food there are three factors you should consider:

















  As far as nutrition goes, more and more brands offer premium lines which tick all the boxes in terms of being hypoallergenic and maintaining good health, so unless your dog has special health requirements, it comes down to taste. You can trial different brands to see which one your dog loves most.


  This concerns convenience and includes factors such as where you buy from, quantity and storage. Each of these weigh in on the level of convenience: you may opt for a 10kg bag if carrying 20 kilos just isn’t going to happen, or if your desired brand is only available at a boutique pet shop 30 minutes away, well it’s not exactly convenient.



With premium products comes a premium price, so you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. Looking at price per kilogram allows you to better understand how much you’re actually spending, this also helps you evaluate each product in terms of long-term affordability.

Below is a chart comparing price/kilogram between the big brands for small, medium and large bags.



From the graph we can see there is a clear trend: small bags are more expensive per kilo than medium and large bags. In other words, the larger the bag, the more you save.

If you have a keen eye for bargains you may have noticed the second price breakdown for Aussie Dog Food. These prices are available to Annual and Lifetime Members who are entitled to a 50% discount on Aussie Dog Food.

Revising the three deciding factors with the Price Comparison Chart in mind will help you choose an option that best fits you and your dog’s lifestyle.

So, if budget is one of the biggest factors that weighs in on your purchasing decision, Aussie Dog Food Member prices offers the best value. You save money from the get go with a one-off payment of $120 which gets you an Annual Membership and a free 20kg bag of food. In addition to the savings, Aussie Dog Food also has the convenience of home delivery which means after just a few clicks, you can expect your dog food at your door in a matter of days.