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The Australian Dog Food Company is proud to launch our original recipe dry dog food formula. This recipe is made from all natural Australian ingredients infused with a family of 9 pre and probiotics, that when fed exclusively improves the gut health of your four legged friends in every stage of their life.


We are & 100% Australian owned and operated. All our food is produced in Australia to the highest standards.

At Aussie Dog Food we love our dogs, your dogs, ALL dogs! We take pride in our food and an interest in your dog’s health. We specialise in the best food for your dog and seek to bring you the best quality natural, Australian product at the best possible price. Buy today and let us know what you think of our product. We know your dog will love you for it!

Our philosophy is simple. Focus on doing one thing really well, and that is making the best dog food and making it available to everyone at the best price. We put all our research into making dog food that is superior to any on the market and we can back that up with our guarantee. We guarantee that you will notice an improvement in your dog’s health when you make the switch to Aussie Dog Food or get your money back.



Fifteen years ago Carlton football great John Goold wanted to improve the health and well being of his dogs on his farm in Camperdown in country Victoria. From his years as an athlete he knew diet was a major factor in performance and general health.

John began making dry food in his kitchen. As he started experimenting and working on the recipe he noticed the smell in the kennel getting better and better and each dog’s condition improving. One day he took his secret recipe to a University Professor who conducted a series of clinical trials over 12 months. During these trials the vet science team determined that John had made a great discovery. John had invented a pre and probiotic dry dog food that delivered clear benefits to both dog and owner and that could also survive 12 months in the bag without refrigeration.

Roll forward to 2016 and the Australian Dog Food Company was born. We are proud to bring to you the results of John’s work in convenient 5Kg (coming soon) and 20Kg bags. We hope your four legged family member gains the health and wellbeing from our product and your care that it deserves.

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