Aussie Dog Food FAQs



Q. Why feed my dog Australian Dog Food?

A. Aussie Dog Food’s pre and probiotic formulation works to build healthy digestive and inner gut health for your dog as well as improving skin and coat conditions.


Q. Itchy skin is a problem for my dog – will Australian Dog Food help?

A. Aussie Dog Food is fantastic for skin irritations and eczema, also improving your dog’s coat.


Q. My dog suffers from flatulence, does his diet effect this?

A. Yes, changing to Australian Dog Food will help with your dog’s gut health. The digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics in Aussie Dog Food builds gut and digestive tract health in your dog.


Q. Will a diet change help with the grass burn my dog causes?

A. Aussie Dog Foods’ formula will decrease ammonia in your dog’s urine – saving your lawn!


Q. Will Australian Dog Food assist with diarrhoea?

A. The inner health and digestive benefits of Aussie Dog Food assists our four legged friends with any tummy upsets.


Q. Dog stool and urine odour are a problem in our home – can the right food help?

A. A quality dog food such as Australian Dog Food will assist in the elimination of stool and urine odour by improving overall gut health.


Q. My dog has bad breath, what will assist?

A. The unique formula of Aussie Dog Food supports gut and dental health which will improve your dog’s breath.


Q. My dog is always scavenging for food, even after he has eaten.

A. Australian Dog Food nutrient rich ingredients are proven to satisfy your dog’s appetite – customers who have recently trialed our product have been able to feed up to 30% less Aussie Dog Food as compared with other brands.


Q. My dog is on a course of antibiotics - is Aussie Dog Food beneficial?

A. Aussie Dog Food’s probiotic formulation reduces side effects of antibiotics such as yeast infections.


Q. Can I feed Australian Dog Food to my puppy?

A. Yes! The small kibble size and the pre and probiotic formulation make Aussie Dog Food perfect nourishment for puppies.


Q. Is Australian Dog Food suitable for my mature dog?

A. Aussie Dog Food promotes good health in senior dogs, assisting in maintaining a healthy body weight and improving immunity and general well being.


Q. What if my dog won’t eat Australian Dog Food?

A. At Aussie Dog Food, we believe in what we sell and we want you, our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product. If your dog doesn’t like our food, you don’t see improvements in your dog’s health, or for some reason you are just not happy with our product or membership program within the first 30 days, then contact us by email and receive a 100% no questions asked refund.


Q. Where is Aussie Dog Food Available from?

A. Buy Aussie Dog Food online at Simply order and Aussie Dog Food is delivered to your door- no lugging around heavy bags of dog food!


Q. My dog has gained weight since starting Australian Dog Food.

A. This is common with particular breeds. The pre and probiotics in Aussie Dog Food work to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, meaning your dog is absorbing more nutrients from the same portion size. It is normal to reduce meal sizes by up to 30% (because your dog is now absorbing up to 30% more of the good stuff). If you usually feed your dog 1 cup of kibble, try reducing it 3/4 cup or trial different amounts and see what works for you and your dog.